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The Torrent Escape – Chapter 5: Tags, Guns and Clubs

While I was walking home, I came across a old, run-down department store. It had green and cyan  colours on the logo and was called « Windtrees ». I used to go there when I was young. I used to look at the video game consoles like the N64 or the Playstation 1. They always had good deals in that store including £50 for a full bed or a new N64 from £129.99 to £59.99. I looked at the old, rusty displays for TV’s and old video game consoles. They seemed to be gone but the advertisements are still there, advertising Playstations and Alexa TV’S. I decide it’s time, time to enter the building.

I enter the building expecting nobody to be there but it turns out that bandits kept the place clean and it became a marketplace. On the first floor, there was a pharmacist and a bank. On the second floor, there is a flea market for the rebels that has guns, drugs and laptops for piracy. The third and final floor is a « Adult Club ».

I walked into the elevator and pressed 2nd Floor to buy a pistol, planning to shoot up the Adult Club. Just before the door was about to close, a girl from the 3rd Floor came in. At this time, I wasn’t on my medication and the bad thoughts came through. Someone’s pocket knife was in the elevator so I picked it up and stabbed the girl 10 times in the stomach.

As she was bleeding out, the elevator came to the 1st floor. The place looked dirty but well organized and covered in gang tags.

I went to pick up some Aripiprazole for my Asperger’s Syndrome. As I was about to buy it, Marcus; the shop owner pulled a gun out at me. The gun had the American Stripes in it and smelled of vinegar. I recognised the gun. It was a 44 Magnum! In one single move, I grabbed the gun, shot him and grabbed my medication.

I then put on my IPod and walked home. When I was walking home, there was an attempt to mug me of my medication and my hacking equipment. 3 Guys stalked me from the market to 32 Scott Street, which is my home. One of them was holding a knife. They were tall men and they wore balaclavas to cover their faces, brown, scruffy clothes and wore-out backpacks on their backs.

The one that was holding a knife shouted in a American accent, very roughly « You can’t escape from the Giants! » and attempted to stab me. I then grabbed a brick and smashed the knife-welder in the face with it. Blood started gushing out as pieces of brick inserted into his face but it does not scare me. I take the knife and stab the second guy in the thigh to prevent him from running away. I then kick him to make sure that he is unconscious. I threw the knife at the third guy’s leg to immobilise him.

I went up to the 3rd guy and shouted « Who sent you?! » He let out « The Giants told me that you bought medication that is worth £1000. One of their drones recorded you buying a bottle of something from the pharmacy. They gave us a ring on the phone to say… »

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septembre 27, 2020

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