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The Torrent Escape – Chapter 2: Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

Before you say, I got chased by those weak guards. They tripped on an e-wire I was controlling with my « Kitch Alley » phone. Last time I checked my Alley, it was 9.41AM. I got a message from « unknown » saying that I have a parcel waiting for me at an inn called The Shoulders. I trust this one because 90% of my « unknown » messages are from a fellow hacker called Mark Dalton. We both are trying to hack the Giant’s database. Since the Giants took over, they banned cinemas, newspapers and television. Meaning that we have to resort to torrents for entertainment.

The database holds information about how they own Qtorrents and all of their subsidiaries. if I could get the info, it could start an uprising.

I went to the train station and booked a ticket for « The Shoulders » in order to pick up that parcel. In the train station, was a shop called « Foodie Squad » where I bought a Cheese Scone with butter. I was really nice and cheesy but I’m not sure about this parcel. It may as well be a bomb or a gun or even a machete.

I arrived near The Shoulders and took a bus to get to the front door. It is so massive it’s like a maze. The Shoulders is a fancy building, it sticks up in this run-down town like a diamond in the dirt. Since the Giants took over, it has had a load of investment put into it but nobody knows why. Maybe The Iron Brotherhood, my clan knows.

The Iron Brotherhood is one of 3 clans made to fight The Giants but all of the other 2 are now in prison for « Meaningless Killings » and « Assassinations ». I call up my friend; Dean to find out why The Giants put so much investment in a fancy hotel.

« Hi Dean! I was just wondering, why did The Giants put so much cash into The Shoulders ». « The Giants wanted some money so one of their officials cut a deal with a guy called « Patrick Reeds »; the creator of The Shoulders. He would get a very large sum of money and they would take over it, using the name of « Arthur Hotels » to make people think it wasn’t The Giants. »

I was also thinking of eating chocolate but I resisted eating until dinner. I checked in at 12.30 PM. I then had a very nice drink of highly-caffeinated cola from the vending machine and waited by going to the spa. It was really relaxing and passed the time.

Then, it was dinner time. I went downstairs to the Italian restaurant. This one apparently served over 100 different wines and was created in 1941, during World War 2. The waitress came to give me a seat for one and sat me down. I said to her « I would like a Mexican Chicken Pizza and the drink is a Orange & Passion Fruit J20, with a little bit of tequila. I quite like the subtle hint of spice sometimes in my J20. »

My meal eventually came. It was very filling and the J20/Tequila mixture worked very well. I paid the bill, left a tip of £1 and left my table to go back to my hotel room. But, Patrick Reeds was outside, having a smoke and talking to his bouncers so I avoided him and went back up to my room. I watched a chat show on LTV and went to sleep.

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septembre 27, 2020

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