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The Torrent Escape – Chapter 1: The Beginning

I attend a book club because my parents got me to go there. According to this crime  wiki, they were old yet famous criminals robbing banks and stuff. I did not know my parents when I was young. I was taken care of by a social worker until my parents came back from jail when I was 16. I still do not know them that well.

I was at my book club reading « 20/20: The Thunderbird Story »; it was a pretty interesting read. But then I see guards outside the window. They are carrying high-powered tazers and they are outside, standing at another door facing us.  I immediately run down the stairs and grab my laptop. My laptop’s got very important files with my training and hacking programs and my research on the history of Qtorrents and fish torrents. I race for the back door like a bullet and try to get the h*ll out of there.

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septembre 27, 2020

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